Jacket BCD versus Backplate Wing BCD

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Re: Jacket BCD versus Backplate Wing BCD

Postby Milky » Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:04 pm

Azza wrote:
Milky wrote:Is there any LDS that recommend its students to go to Scuba forum to ask for unbiased opinions before purchasing their things?

When buying a standard jacket type buoyancy compensating device the lift capacity is not quite so important but when buying a plate/wing buoyancy compensating device the lift is crucial. If you buy a wing that is too big it will taco around your tank making dumping air difficult. If you buy too small (i.e. a 28lb wing for diving twin sets) then the wing will not do it's job.

HHHmmmmmmmmmmm.....is it really how big the lift capacity of a wing that can make it "Taco" or how wide the wing is? With my 50lbs of lift BC, i never had problem in dumping the air out. Of course the wing on the BC is not wide at all and not designed for twins.
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