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Re: What computer do you dive with?

Postby Andy » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:10 pm

JohnSymons wrote:
Andy wrote:Let's be blunt, all of us have done deco without being properly trained or prepared - in many cases that's a driver to seek out additional training. I know plenty of experienced divers who have fouled up, gone in to deco and had a close call. I even know instructors who have not calculated their gas requirements or the mandatory stops and had some very near misses, even when teaching.

Generalizations kill as some of us choose to undertake being properly trained and prepared before undertaking a specific new type of diving (Deep, night, deco, penetration, etc).

I'm certainly not condoning it, it's just a statement of what happens.

Training is, to a certain extent at least, the generalisation of the previous generations "near misses". We need to acknowledge the positives of people survining those near misses - rather the prohibiting similar actions. Prohibition always leads to people breaking the prohibition. Anytime you take a group of divers out and say "You mustn't go deeper than 30m", there is always one person dropping their wrist so the computer reads 31m.

Deco is a relatively imprecise science, rather than prohibit divers going in to deco and blindly following their computer, I'd much rather we encouraged them to seek out appropriate advice and knowledge.
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