Sea Trader 1 - South Island

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Sea Trader 1 - South Island

Postby bluey » Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:58 pm

Have just completed our 3rd & 4th dives on the barge "Sea Trader 1" which broke loose and sank in the middle of Golden Bay about 6 years ago.
It's been very hard to get much info on the barge and took several trips to finally locate it.
From what I can make out the location was originally discovered by a trawler losing a net on it.
Finally a 70 something year old local fisherman came out and with his gps and sounder helped us to pinpoint the spot. Very exiting and quite an awesome wreck.
It's about 9 miles from the nearest land so quite weather dependent.

She sits in 39m of water with the top of the wreck at about 34.5m. I estimate it to be about 25m long by around 15 to 18m wide.
A net does indeed hang right across the stern and down to the bottom. It is magnificently covered in growth and looks incredible wavering in the gentle current.
There are various cranes and structures of interest around the 2m or so wide perimeter and the centre is a huge hold which we have not begun to explore yet.
The pointed bow is also quite spectacular and very erie (and dark!) down on the mud with the bow sloping away overhead.

Quite a lot of fish life too.

All dives have been limited by no deco time with us generally surfacing with 100 bar. May try some 28% to give us a couple or 3 more minutes.

As far as we know no one else has dived the wreck.

I'll try for some photos next time but vis is around 2m and pretty gloomy.
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Re: Sea Trader 1 - South Island

Postby DiveDiva » Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:56 pm

Sounds like you had a great dive! Looking forward to seeing some photos when you next get out.
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