You need to get in the water!

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You need to get in the water!

Postby Dazzzler » Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:04 am

Went out on Apollo on Sunday to do a dive around Sail Rock and then The Hen.

Two fantastic dives, Sail rock had plenty of fish life, a number of stingrays (quite a number) and crays in and around 20 metres... My first dive there and it was beyond my expectations.

Second dive was at The Hen, great Tapography and a few crays also picked up amongst the cracks and wedges.. Crays were in 7 metres...

The highlight, and it will last with me forever, is seeing a splash in the distance on the way back to shore, and going to check it out.
We were about 4-5 kms off of Goat island heading towards Leigh and expected it to be a Whale.. Only to get next to the splashes and after some confusion, a few queries, and then some solid sightings, to be able to recongnise two Manta Rays splashing and feeding on the surface.. The huge white bellies were 3-4 metres across and the width of the boat.

They only hung around for 4-5 minutes and when a snorkeller entered the water they took off..

But if Brian says its been 11 yrs since he last saw a Manta in the Gulf, and he's out 3-4 times a week... I suggest you go for a splash!!

Sadly couldn't get any photo's in time... But luckily the the photo is set in my memory forever...
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