The Pony Express Rides Rocky Bay

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The Pony Express Rides Rocky Bay

Postby alijtaylor » Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:34 pm

Otherwise known as the Self Reliant Diver course hits Wellington. Wellington didn’t quite turn on its ‘on a good day’ diving conditions but at least we didn’t have to use the harbour.

I’d echo the tenor of comments from Sfish, diveChiq, Axe and Nemesis, in the post immediately below. A lot of good knowledge and skills in the course and a lot of fun - all in a weekend.

We covered things I’d never got around to learning, like how to fire an SMB and calculate SAC rate and how to use things I didn’t think I needed, like a pony bottle. I’ll also think more about what my feet are doing (no one ever accused me of being Zen like) and whether I’ve thought about all the contingencies for a dive.

Thanks Andy for an excellent programme and to Becs, DiveDiva (including for the excellent vege bake) and the returning recent graduate Nemesis, who accompanied us in the pool and today at Rocky Bay.


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Re: The Pony Express Rides Rocky Bay

Postby Andy » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:26 pm

Glad you enjoyed it, Alison, and found it useful.

Thanks to all of you for your Wellingtonian hospitality! Becs for the accomodation and the driving (our guest room is yours if you ever need it, Becs!), NEM for the airport shuttling and tour of the bays today (Burnham Wharf next time, NEM.... I am keen as!) and Alison for a post dive lunch overlooking the dive site. Great weekend, enjoyed it heaps!

I'm going to be pretty rammed this week teaching an OW course until Thursday - if I haven't posted pics of how you can secure an SMB to the bottom of a BCD by Friday, drop me a PM to remind me!
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