Shark Attack in Aussie

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Shark Attack in Aussie

Postby skipjack » Mon May 12, 2008 11:40 am

Man survives white pointer shark attack
10:37AM Sunday May 11, 2008

A Western Australian beach remains closed today after a Perth man was attacked by a shark while swimming there.

Jason Cull, 37, was about 80 metres off Middleton Beach on the state's south coast on Saturday morning when a four metre white pointer shark, one of three circling the area, attacked him.

He underwent emergency surgery for lacerations to his left leg and was in a stable condition, an Albany Hospital spokesperson said.

Joanne Lucas, a volunteer at the local surf club heard Mr Cull's cries for help and dashed into the sea, pulling him to safety.

Albany Surf Club spokesman Tom Marron said that sea rescue volunteers and a Fisheries and Marine officer spent most of Saturday trying to move the three white pointer sharks away from the beach, but they wouldn't go.

"So we've closed the beach. We'll go back (today), put some crafts in the water and have a plane up again and just check out what's around, what we can see, and we'll make a decision about opening the beach then."

Mr Marron said the entire beach, between Middleton Beach and Emu Point in Albany, will remain closed until further notice.

Albany is around 450km south-east of Perth.


Glad I live in New Zealand :shock: On top of this story I heard on the radio that he punched it in the face and eyes to get it to release him. Go dude!
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Re: Shark Attack in Aussie

Postby justsimon » Mon May 12, 2008 12:58 pm

Beating up a White pointer to get it to let you go, yeah that's staunch.

Wonder why there were three in the area? Feeding or breeding? Apparently they travel long distances.
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Re: Shark Attack in Aussie

Postby Kate » Mon May 12, 2008 8:31 pm

On the news tonight, they were trying to herd three pointers out to sea. Cool.
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