2014 Spearfishing Nationals

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2014 Spearfishing Nationals

Postby Phantom Menace » Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:52 am

A clip on the spear nationals that have just finished:

Some of this aired on 3 News last night.

Moss Burmester (Commonwealth Games swimming gold medalist - butterfly) is interviewed. He won the "Super Diver" award which is based on points accrued over several events:
* 'Big 3' held a few days ago and is for the biggest kingfish, snapper and crayfish (Moss was 3rd in this)
* photography day - with a target list of species each competitor has to get clearly identifiable pictures of as many fish in the species list as possible
* spearfishing comp itself (2 days of 6hrs of swimming)

(Don't pay too much attention to the "boar fish in 35 metres" statement in the clip - they often speared in 15 - 20m on weed lines.)
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