NZ UNderwater AGM 2014

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NZ UNderwater AGM 2014

Postby divepirate » Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:04 pm

The NZ Underwater Association is having it's AGM on the 21st June 2014

This year our AGM is being held at Wellington Airport Conference Centre (Located within
Wellington’s Airport Terminal) in the Sunderland room and if enough delegates register for the
AGM we will open out to the adjoining Viscount room Also. Minimum of 6 clubs must be
registered for the AGM otherwise the AGM cannot be constitutional Held.

A full copy of the AGM Notice can be found here:

Within 30 days of the AGM (Thursday May 22), the office will circulate any remits, notices of motion,
nominations and recommendations to the membership. All clubs must be financial with 30 days to be ratified.
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