WTB Tank gear and adaptor

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WTB Tank gear and adaptor

Postby mintie » Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:19 pm

Hi guys, I do enjoy diving and hold an open dive cert but my main reason to join your forum is to find a tank and some fittings for my Air rifle hobby. Looking for a large tank that can take a higher pressure, 15L steel at 240 bar is ideal, 300 bar tanks are out of my price range :( I also have a smaller tank that I would like to fill from the larger tank to take out into the field with me, I will need a line with a guage to go from the big tank to the little 4L tank to fill it. The small 4 L tank also has a din fitting on it where I will need an A clamp style, does anyone have an adaptor that would change that?

If anyone can help me with this gear please call or text me on 0221509738 cheaper the better!

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