Slightly Delayed

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Slightly Delayed

Postby divepirate » Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:10 am

Hello again all,
I have been making so many changes in the background, I thought (after a small remider- thanks chuckybob), that I better take some time out to introduce myself.

I have been involved in diving in some form or another, either as a diver, trip organiser, divemaster, or general gopher, for the past 25 odd years.
My first experience in diving involved a not so comfy intro to mid winter diving, in a mates spare set of long john's while he was solo diving in his 7mm suit.
(I was snorkelling while he was down catching crays).

Needless to say, although I was frozen and mildly hypothermic, I decided I wanted to be not just freediving down to check on my cray-hunting mate, I wanted to be down there.

After a course with Dennis from Panmure underwater, I was inducted into the realms of 'scuba-ism' and that started my diving, and the world was all 'PADI' from there.
My early diving was a sort of Graft, to the Dive Club that was run from the Dive Doctor, in Manukau, when Ron (legend) was starting to retire, and Ian Johnson and Blair were running the shop.
Ian was (and to my knowledge - still is) one of the 'dive anywhere' types of divers that introduced me not just to the world of what you can take and eat, but also the world of 'hey look there is something else down here', which eventually took the interest to lakes, quarries, beach dives, recovery dives, wreck dives and much more.

I have always looked back at the right type of early dive education as setting my diving up and building an amazing appreciation of what was down there..
(the review position, type of approach has enabled me not just to get out of difficult situations, but rather, to avoid them in the first place), something that sticks with me even today.

I have an extensinve diary of places that I have dived (as I am sure you all do) from crayfish hunting in the coromandel, the amazing wreck dives on the wellington South Coast, the Tropical pacific, to the salvage of an Alfa Romeo from the Pupuke Quarry.

I never progressed past Divemaster, but this was my decision, as I could not see the direction for myself as the right one for me.

After a short 13+ year break away from diving, a marriage, kids businesses, and the like, I felt something was missing, and sure enough I returned to the water like some form of reverse darwanian progression, and I was at home breathing 21% Nitrox again (thats compressed air for the uninformed).

My experience with IT, Business, Marketing etc and eventually forums bought me to the Board where I could see amazing potential lying in wait for the right type of nudge.
As a 'facilitator' I hope that I can assist the forum to the next level, which I would predict to be the unification of various elements of the dive community, to achieve a solid foundation which promotes a variety of diving (and freediving) codes, resulting in the best place to start if you want to go diving in New Zealand (and possibly the pacific).

I hope as the Board progresses, we can introduce divers to each other, and get this board to be the 'tightest' group of divers in the southern hemisphere.

hovering weightless at 20 or so metres with 10+ vis
Playing with new scuba gear.. (new toys).
Active Dive Clubs
Digital Diving.
meeting 'new friends'
comments inspiring others to accomplish great things.

and especially,
Talking to older divers who have 'been there done that' (you know the 'legends'), who invented 'technical' (harness / backplate, twin tank etc) diving back in the 70's.
and watching re-runs of Jacques Cousteau's underwater world. (total legend!!)

50 bar.
Bad / rough weather (cold is okay).
comments aimed to hurt or bully..

Goals for the Next 12 months,
to dive the following:
Canterbury, Waikato, Wairarapa, poor nights, Lermentov, and hopefully the Rena.
Meet some more 'legends' and 'soon to be legends', by the sounds of it there are already some floating around in the posts I have read here.
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I cant think of anything more relaxing, than being in the downunder, breathing some nice clean fresh filtered 21% nitrox.
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Re: Slightly Delayed

Postby DiveDiva » Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:45 am

Welcome Matt - I'm really looking forward to working with you. Fantastic to have you on board :)
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Re: Slightly Delayed

Postby ChrisB » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:08 pm

Welcome onboard !!! The reworking looks pretty good from here

Its great to see a bit of life breathed back into the forum.... i'm here a lot just browsing usually but will occasionally chip my 2c in - i dont consider my meagre knowledge exceptional but my experiences might help someone else learn

Will be sure to check in more regularly in the future
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Re: Slightly Delayed

Postby divepirate » Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:16 pm

and if you get the chance, post your dives up on the trip reports.
let those that are armchair divers feel green enough to get wet.

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I cant think of anything more relaxing, than being in the downunder, breathing some nice clean fresh filtered 21% nitrox.
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