Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Postby divepirate » Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:51 pm

To all scubadive members,
I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a safe and happy season.

I look forward to many many trip reports letting mke know how fantastic the diviing is out there over the holiday break.
Remember to dive safe, Plan your dive and dive your plan..

And whatever else you are doing and where ever in the world you are, we look forward to catching up in the new year.
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I cant think of anything more relaxing, than being in the downunder, breathing some nice clean fresh filtered 21% nitrox.
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Re: Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Postby ChuckyBob » Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:50 pm

Yes, merry christmas everyone! Lets hope there is lots of great diving to be done. I know I have some plans!
And dont forget, no dive survives the plan!! :lol:
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Re: Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Postby AndrewRawlingson » Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:31 am

Merry Xmas! I'm off to the Poor Knights in the New Year. Start the year as you mean to go on :)
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