New PastoDeco 1.6 deco software now 100% FREE

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New PastoDeco 1.6 deco software now 100% FREE

Postby TheSnake » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:36 am

i improved PastoDeco© decompression planner for technical scuba diving, version 1.6 win.

I added the VPM/B-GFS model (Gradient Factor Surfacing).
Now you can plan Trimix, Heliox, HeliAir, Air, Nitrox dives, with Buhlmann GF, VPM/B and VPM/B-GFS decompression models, for scuba diving with

both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit systems.
Gas blender included.

Now the software is completely free. All functions are availables in shareware version.
(windows 7 and 8: install as administrator)

I started code trasfer on multiplatform/mobile developing environment ( Android, iOS, OSX ): ... to be continued ...



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