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Postby petemes » Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:12 pm

Ok, so this year I am feeling the pinch of being 40!~ Hence my 5th mid life crisis!! "Before its too late" - I have taken affirmative action and after years of not diving in the Solomons I am heading back in Nov this year. This is actually what has sparked the sidescan purchase. There is a lot of new Rust just waiting to be found, a lot that is just astoundingly brilliant that I want to dive again (with a clear head this time - younger days was on air and it was a little hazy!)

No fixed dates as yet, just want to go, Will be Tulagi based, looking at diving all the greats (aaron ward, susaka, kenawa, john pen, asumisan,) its a cheap holiday and will be putting up all the details when they come to me. If anyone is interested in coming with, then please let me know. If you want to find out what experience and training you will need also let me know. we can start preparing for the trip. Its a great place, and well worth a 10 day pass from the boss!! Wont break the bank too!!

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