TOURISM (NZ and NSW south coast)

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TOURISM (NZ and NSW south coast)

Postby JasonVampireSquid » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:11 am

Hi there my wet friends.
I have spent many a time in New Zealand ever since my mother made sure that I should go there at the age of 11 (and it wasn't to get laid like my younger brother did. *sigh). From then on, I've got to know NZ well enough to say that TOURISM is its true culture and can see why it is (despite the money being passed on those 'polls' like Sydney being in the Top 10 of best cities to live in :lol: :lol: ) the Number #1 destination along with the Carribean (Central America) Region. I am not talking 'archeaological' Tourism like Rome or Athens either.
To me, the real Capital of NZ is Queenstown - not Wellington.
I always found that when it came to Tourism - Kiwis had it moving smoothly, professionally, stress-free and with much variety. There is a saying: "In Australia you travel 100km to see x10 things. In wee NZ you travel 10km and see x100 things!" Well, I made that up but I've got good feedback on that since I've been saying it years ago. And why can't I make it up - Da Vinci, Shakespeare and Verne did it all the time. :wink: But its totally true.


The reason for this post is that while putting my feelers out and talking with people all along the southern NSW coast in regards to where to live next year and work. Most people said I should be in Tourism because I would be really good. This also goes with the fact that Tourism has suffered much along the southern NSW coast (as also everywhere on the planet I'm sure thanks to 'you-know-who' Economy.) so I'm wondering why they want me to hop onto a boat with a big hole in it ? :?
Now for me to take this serious: I hold firm in following the world's best = New Zealand. I befriend many internationals (out here in the Riverina, I'm forever giving BackPackers lifts due to the immense fruitpicking out my way and they all say the same about NZ) who agree with me in regards to the 'STERLING SILVER SERVICE' that is NZ Tourism. I could go on but I would also like to say that - I don't think Australia can accommodate that quality of Tourism, no matter how hard it tries. Mostly due to legislation, etc I'm sure. Running a Dive Shop in Queensland is now almost impossible for starters. I could amost state that I would consider OZ Tourism much like the USA Medical System = a rip-off or scam ...basically you would be best to take a holiday in NZ and medical treatment in Canada.
So that's what I know I am up against if I move into the field of Tourism.

Anyone got anything they would like to add to this? Maybe any advice in regards to working such an industry?
I think I have the ability to workl with the public quite well due to my working in Hospitals - both Private and Public. A lot of other jobs have also taught me to deal with a lot. I think my weak point would be dealing with kids. :shock:
I've mostly grown up with 'old people', having also done Aged Care amongst other things. Kids tend to be ...well :|
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