What issues would you like NZUA to address?

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What issues would you like NZUA to address?

Postby ChuckyBob » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:16 am

What issues would you like NZUA to address?

I'd like them to look at the issues around tanks.

Why do we need 2 yearly hydros while USA has 5 yearly hydros?
Why cant we put Nitrox or Oxygen ( or trimix??) in any scuba cylinder instead of a select few?
Why cant we use tanks imported from over seas that have be certified safe to use there?
Why do we need burst discs when Europe dont?

Also what is happening with the MSCDB? Ever since I got mine ( a fair few years ago) there has been talk of extending the length of the vessel limitations ( 6 meters at present) or perhaps changing it to any size boat but a limit on divers. Is NZUA doing anything about this? My understanding is Maritime NZ are making significant changes to all sorts of skipper qualifications this year and if MSCDB isnt changed then it probably never will be.
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Re: What issues would you like NZUA to address?

Postby rambaldi » Wed Feb 13, 2013 12:10 pm

While I agree with you on all raised points I would be careful about the imported tanks. Most people at home aren't going to be doing anything with the valve on their tank but the similarity between the European metric and American Imperial thread can be quite confusing given they are so close but if you get it wrong you are going to damage the thread. I understand that if you are on a CCR your smaller tanks are going to be harder to source though, possibly having to import some yourself so I could see simplifying the process for small sets of tanks not intended for sale.
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Re: What issues would you like NZUA to address?

Postby mattoau » Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:27 am

AFAIK importing tanks should become easier in the future:


As to hydro tests, I would leave it as it is. If the frequency were to change I have no doubt that NZ would be more likely to ally itself with Oz, and we'd have annual hydros. :roll:
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Re: What issues would you like NZUA to address?

Postby divepirate » Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:52 am

I am with Matt there, whilst it is a pain to do two yearly hydro's there is still issues with tank construction which has seen accidents in the industry.

In NZ there is also many tanks over 15 years old in circulation.
This means that the level of comfort for the tank testers is such that ..
Until all of the older tanks are out of circulation, it is unlikely the rules will change.

The biggest worry will be how will we deal with tanks imported from china which do not have the same pressure rating as those we currently use.
(Do a search on alibaba for dive tanks.. It's only a matter of time before someone starts importing them).
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