Beachside Antics.

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Beachside Antics.

Postby divemaster » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:23 pm

I was down the beach during summer and thought I would share this..

It was a fine, warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, and my wife and I decided to spend the afternoon at the beach.
we had some fun in the water, swimming out to the local swimming platform, enjoying the day and the warm water.

a group of young guys (some on shore drinking, and some in the water - also drinking) were having their own type of fun.
the guys on shore were throwing rocks at the guys in the water (30-40 yards away) with the guys in the water dodging the stones.

The guys in the water were running around in and out of other groups of swimmers, who were also rained with the stones that the 'morons' were tossing.

Finally they all got bored (or tired) and decided to leave.
They left beer bottles on the sand, and a box near where they had parked their car.

I saw a member of the public go up to them and say something (I was out of earshot) as they pulled away in their car, and the youth's got out of their car and went and picked up their mess.
The guy who mentioned it to them seemed to get pelted with abuse from the young guys, and at times it seemed as if the young thugs wanted to 'kick something off' with him.

I would like to know what the general feeling for this sort of thing is out there...
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