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Postby petemes » Sat Jun 23, 2007 11:07 pm

Martin-PK Divers wrote:
petemes wrote:
Andy wrote:Are you thinking about becoming a trainer for the units, Pete??

I'm not convinced about the butt mounted tanks - no real reason other than asthetics.... it looks a bit ugly. Will be interesting to see the final unit.

Hi Andy,

Not sure yet. I am a firm believer that you have to be 100% user in this type of gear to be able to properly teach it. I truly believe that you should become a master of what ever unit you are teaching. You owe it to your client!. Only dive time can build this. When you see these instructors in 5-8 different breathers makes you wonder how many hours they really have on the unit you are doing the course in. Do they own their own unit?

If I were to choose to train people on another unit it will mean that I buy a unit, dive the crap out of it, and only then will I think that I will be good enough to be able to impart knowledge on that unit to paying clients.
This is a completly different monster here. Thats all we need is instructors with 20 hours on teh unit teaching people how to use them! ( I know that you need a minimum of 50 hours to teach on a unit but hey who looks at log books anyways? )

Make no mistake breathers HAVE, DO and WILL kill people. The price has kept a lot of people at bay that should never get into a breather. Now cheaper more accessable breathers are coming out opens up a world of speepless nights. If you add keen new rebreather instructors who think that everyone should dive breathers to the mix, what sort of coktail do you think will eventuate? Sobering, very sobering....


Just as a brief outline Pete, what goes into the RB course that you teach and how many hours pool/OW diving does it entail?

Hi martin,

Breather course normally takes 5 days minimum. 2 days theory, 2 hours, pool and 9 hour open water diving on breather.

learning is continuous but these are the minumums.

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