Viz at lake Pupuke

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Viz at lake Pupuke

Postby seynz » Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:25 pm

2 weeks ago, I dived the pumphouse at lake Pupuke. The initial plan was to dive on Sylvan park but when I was there it was really windy, and the waves were a bit too big for my motivation... Even the windsurfschool guy adviced me to try the other side where it should be really calm.
Back at the pumphouse, a dive school was already there, this lake side was totally different from the Sylvan park and I was more keen to dive here.
Been to 40 meters deep and was impressed by the viz this day, even at this depth, I still could see a bit of daylight and 3 or 4 meters around me.
Funny to see a cloud of silt where you can guess a eel has been perturbed by a diver light, but some of them stayed static and I could have a closer look.
My question is why some days you can have a good viz on the lake and other it s dark as hell ? Is there a connection whith the surface condition ? Calm on the South side and rough on the North.
Some picture during the deco:

NB: is it still in use this deco mark for Heliox training ?
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