Importing dive gear

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Importing dive gear

Postby davecee » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:57 pm


I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with importing dive gear from the US? I am looking at a Mares pro package on the site ;

Mares Dragon BCD With Mrs Plus Weight Pockets
Mares Abyss 22 Compact Regulator
Mares Air Control Octopus Inflator
Cressi Leonardo Computer Console

for USD $1168.93 + $115.10 (Shipping) which converted to NZD comes out at around 1473.02 New Zealand Dollars @ 0.8717.

What are the pitfalls associated with importing from the US? Im assuming GST will be added to this price taking it up to around NZD $1480

If anyone has any opinions or advice it would be much appreciated.


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Re: Importing dive gear

Postby divepirate » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:20 pm

You will get different views from different people in respect of this one.

Pitfalls are as follows;
If you are importing gear from overseas, customes may not clear your goods without having you first pay any relevant GST.
GST will be calculated on the invoice amount, (including the shipping).

Servicability; although some of the gear you buy from overseas is the same as what you may be able to purchase in New Zealand, a number of resellers of equipment have the ability by serial number or other method, determine where the goods were supplied, and i have on occasion met resistance to repair or maintain equipment purchased through a non NZ Wholesaler / reseller.

Differences in models.
Many manufacturers change their goods from year to year, with subtle improvements or enhancements, and some models never get imported into the country.
These changes and differences may mean that equipment that is not commonly imported does not carry the same warranties and parts may not be held by a local re-seller / service agent.

Be sure to check the international warranties, as some of the warranties may be international, however the wording may say 'return to base' meaning that you have to pay to freight the goods back to the supplier, who in turn will freight them back to the manufacturer.
(are you prepared to have no dive gear for an extended period of time??).

If you think that NZ Pricing is too expensive, take the Quote to the NZ retailler and ask them to 'match or better' the price.
But be reasonable, add the gst to the price, and allow 5% as a 'wait' factor, and see if the retailler 'comes to the party'.
so at 'buy exchange rates' the above landed could be..
1168.93+115.1 (1284.03)
exchange (buy) rate 0.79
=1625.35 + GST ($243.80 - you almost certainly be hit with this)

total 1869.16
add 5% for trouble (and servicability)
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Re: Importing dive gear

Postby rambaldi » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:56 pm

I haven't yet used it and I don't know if it will be any cheaper but the New Zealand Post recently set something up to make it easier to get goods to NZ: ... ng/youshop

It is free to sign up, it gives you a US address to get things sent to. New Zealand Post then brings it here for you (possibly collating your orders into one package) and charges you for that leg of shipping by either weight or volume as appropriate.

Using this might net you a better deal with shipping as places often do free shipping within the US and from what I have seen charge quite a bit for any international legs.
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Re: Importing dive gear

Postby binklebonk » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:50 pm

If you know someone in the US you can ship it to them and get them to remove the gear from the packaging and then send it as a used gear gift. No GST.

I have brought in masses of stuff from the US. If in the unlikely requirement of a warranty most online stores will help out and if not just repurchase the gear and you will still most likely be under the RRP here in NZ.

If a shop tells you they won't service it because you didn't buy it here then firstly tell them to pull their heads in, and secondly get on the phone. There will be plenty who aren't so daft.

You will need to get an importers code if you are bringing in more than 1000 NZD worth of equipment at one time. do a search on this site as I have put up links to the various sites etc already.
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Re: Importing dive gear

Postby ChuckyBob » Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:13 pm

I did post a reply before but for some reason it does not show up ( probably didnt hit send).

Nothing wrong with importing gear. But ask around at a few dive shops to see if they will match the price. You may be surprised.

But if you really want to save some $$ look at buying QUALITY second hand gear.
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Re: Importing dive gear

Postby silent solutions » Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:39 am

Add Gst as others have stated and the customs or brokerage fee on top.Sometimes for a item over a $1000 this could be any where from $80-$180 depending on who you are dealing with.
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